• Journey to the West skins now on PE and Windows 10


    We’ve made even more skins for you players of Minecraft: Pocket Edition and Windows 10 Edition Beta.

    In celebration of Year of The Monkey, we’ve created a pack based on Journey to the West - an ancient Chinese novel by Wu Cheng’en. You might not have heard of that, but you probably know about such awesome things as Digimon, Monkey, and Dragon Ball. All of those were inspired by Journey to the West.

    The story is full of over the top, awesome-looking, adventurers, which is why we thought it would be an excellent fit for Minecraft. Check below for an illustrative moving image.

    Everyone can download Red Boy and Guanyin for free, but pay $1.99 (or equivalent) and you’ll get Princess Iron Fan, Lord Hundred-Eyes, Bull Demon King, Monkey King, Jade Emperor, Monk Pig, Friar Sand, Lady Earth Flow, Spider Demon,Xuanzang, Pale Bone Demon and a Black Wind Demon.

    If you haven’t tried Minecraft: Pocket Edition/Windows 10 Edition beta, what are you waiting for? Head to the Windows Store, the iOS App Store, the Google Play Store or The Amazon Store and buy it! We don’t even mind if you buy every version but only play one. We have plenty of bandwidth to spare.


    Owen - @bopogamel

  • Race, Jump, and Explode Through These 14 New Realms Maps

    It’s been some time since we last checked in on new maps for Minecraft Realms, so let’s get into it! Here are a bevy of new adventure maps, survival starters, and minigames ready for you to play right now!

    Half Heart Race by Team Wooloo

    Since the 2015 Minecon speedruns, it seems there’s been a bit more interest in going really fast in Minecraft. This map lets you do that with up to ten players! Are you up to it, with just a half of a heart of health? For an overview of the challenges you’ll face, take a look at this handy map panorama.

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  • Check out the Minecraft.net beta


    Some time this year we’re planning on launching a new, upgraded, Minecraft.net. It will include fancy features, community content, and extra special secret stuff that we don’t want to share quite yet. It’s going to be spectacular.

    But that’s some time in the future. For now, we’re testing out an early redesign of Minecraft.net. It’ll include bugs, typos, and placeholder bits and pieces that might not work as you’d expect. It doesn’t show off our awesome merch. There is a high chance it’ll explode into a cloud of pixels.

    Still, we’re happy for you to have a poke around. You can log in, change your skin, and do most of the things that the current Minecraft.net supports. Soon we’ll be setting up a place for you to send us feedback about the site. Until then, poke me on twitter if you find something offensive.

    Get your exclusive preview of the minecraft.net beta here: beta.minecraft.net.

    Have a great day, everyone!

    Owen - @bopogamel

  • Minecraft snapshot 16w05b

    Update: Minecraft snapshot version 16w05b is now available in the launcher.

    This weeks snapshot contains only few fixed for bugs reported on the bug tracker. We started looking at the Realms integration to make sure everything is up to date with the changes that were introduced during the lifetime of the 1.8.x versions.

    We also started automating more of our internal workflows. It doesn’t make much sense to mention that here, because it’s nothing you can see in the game and it only makes our lives easier as developers, but for the sake of having a slighly longer post this week I decided to keep it in here.

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  • Cobalt now available to download

    Cobalt is available to download for Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Steam for Windows. It costs $19.99 / £15:99 / €19.99. Stop reading this and download it right now!

    Still here? OK - here’s some information to help you make a more informed decision.

    Our new launch trailer!

    A copy-and-pasted description from our Steam store page

    “Forget everything you’ve learned about combat. Cobalt’s slo-mo mechanic lets you perform moves that other games can’t comprehend. Discover the secrets of a distant colony in a cosmic campaign, take on challenges and rule the leaderboards, or face off against others in local and online multiplayer.”

    A press-release type thing

    STOCKHOLM, Sweden, January 2nd, 2016.

    Leading developer of video games and reasonable, friendly people, Oxeye Game Studio, are delighted to premiere COBALT - an awesome video game published by Mojang AB, creators of Minecraft.

    Jens Bergensten, developer on Cobalt said: “I’m super excited. I’m not sure if it’s a spoiler or not, but the ending of the story has potential to put Cobalt into ‘cult classic’ status.”

    “It’s great that the game is finally done,” said Daniel Brynolf, another developer on Cobalt.

    “I don’t quite know what I’m going to do with the rest of my life,” said Pontus Hammarberg, yet another Cobalt developer. “I’ll probably continue to work on Cobalt.”

    Now go download! Have fun! See you online!

    Owen - @bopogamel

  • Cobalt is out tomorrow! Learn the basics today!


    It’s an exciting time for fans of good video games.

    Cobalt will be released on Steam for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox 360 tomorrow! It’s going to be glorious! I’ve written about why Cobalt is so great in a previous post, but for now, I’m going to let Oxeye’s series of tutorial videos speak for themselves.

    I’ll be back in the morning with a new trailer and a big bag of HYPE!

    Owen - @bopogamel and an excited Oxeye Game Studio.

  • Minecraft snapshot 16w04a

    Yet another week has passed, lots of bugs have been inspected, turned around and hopefully fixed. We’re inching ever closer to 1.9 and our focus is on stability, performance and the remaining polish.

    This week’s snapshot is all about boats! We did another iteration on them so please have a swim with them (watch it, they can sink!).

    As always we’d like to thank everyone who is reporting bugs, testing the snapshots and sending us feedback on our changes. While we get closer to 1.9 this will become more and more important. Please continue doing it and thanks to you all!

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  • Pocket Edition Beta 0.14.0 available for Android


    We are back with a delicious beta test of Minecraft: Pocket Edition, available for download for Android devices. Continuing to the second phase of discovering Redstone with Droppers, Hoppers and Dispensers - just to mention a few!

    Currently the beta test is available to Google Play Store users, but keep in mind that this update will be coming to Minecraft: Pocket Edition and the Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition beta in the near future.

    Here’s a quick explanation of how to join and leave the test group. We strongly recommend you make backups of your existing worlds first.

    You’ll need three things to join the test:

    The app will be automatically downloaded and installed on your device once you’ve joined the test. It can take a few days to appear so please be patient.

    All future updates to the beta will be posted on our small blog.

    Here’s the full changelog:

    New Features:

    • Cauldrons

    • Maps

    • Hoppers

    • Dispensers

    • Droppers

    • Item frames (full of bugs! keep on testing!)

    • Slime blocks

    • Creative inventory

    • Witches

    • Repeaters and Comparators

    • Red Sandstone

    • Pumpkin hats and Mob Head hats

    • Double trapped chests!

    • UI scale slider.


    • Cleaned up textures a whole lot.

    • Replaced Pocket Edition start screen with new UI.

    • Baby zombies now have a 15% chance to want to be a jockey. If they want to be a jockey, then upon getting near a player they will look for one of the following to ride before attacking the player (Adult Wolf, Adult Ocelot, Cow, Pig, Sheep, Adult Chicken, Spider or Adult Zombie).

    • Regular screenshots are now full .png files.

    • Made Ghast eyes, Blazes and Magma Cubes Cores bright!

    • Fix iOS and Android build issue.

    • Fixed door textures (at last).

    • Improved slime spawning.

    Some Bug Fixes:

    • It rains in caves.

    • Trapped Chest does not provide power to Redstone Repeater.

    • All clay types are displayed as grey blocks on the Map.

    • Villagers and peaceful mobs despawning.

    • Double Fence Gate’s don’t block user.

    • Wolves do not have colored collars.

    • Sneak mode turns off after the Player enters the Pause Menu.

    • Ghast shoot texture not showing.

    • Huge mushrooms don’t generate anywhere.

    • Mobs drop nothing unless recently hurt by player.

    • Player is unable to open Minecart with Chest and Minecart with Hopper.

    • Player can’t close the chest window.

    • Crash when a server kicks a player for inactivity.

    • Mechanisms are being powered by Redstone dust that is not aligned with them.

    • Building massive world structures can lead to serious performance issues.

    • Crash when a farmer villager runs out of seed to plant.

    • Controller’s D-pad is inactive in Brewing Stand interface.

    • Backgrounds & Buttons in Asian languages are too short for longer phrases.

    • TNT Minecart explosion on the curve does not destroy rail tracks under explosion.

    • Fixed most issues with chunks being sent multiple times.

    • Fixed server not running in the correct speed.

    • Amount of hits required to kill witch doesn’t vary with weapon.

    • Fixed out of bounds error in Inventory related to linked slots.

    • Player keeps all but armor in their inventory upon death.

    • Iron Golems take damage while walking on Soulsand.

    • Skeleton heads don’t look hollow from the bottom.

    • Fence gates weren’t restoring their open state correctly either. Same pattern was needed as DoorBlock and TrapDoorBlock.

    • Characters arms are in weird positions on Kindle and some iPads.

    • Character drinks milk instantly after milking the cow.

    • The player is not able to open the chest when character stands close to it.

    • Items from bottom half of the double chest disappear when the world is restarted.

    • Missing Feed button when holding any kind of meat in front of Untamed Wolf.

    • Missing Feed button while holding Beetroot and Potato in front of Pig. Also added Beetroot to Creative Inventory.

    • No sound of swimming underwater.

    • Player keeps moving after Player opens inventory screen with controller.

    • sweet dreams are made of this ->

    • Slots on Anvil not lined up.

    • Minecarts do not stack.

    • The terrain flickers invisible if too many chunks are updated at the same time.

    • Mushroom stew should not be poisonous.

    • The darkening underwater effect fails to occur if the User rides boat into a waterfall.

    • Two-block high flowers do not drop the corresponding items after Bone Meal is used on them.

    • Flickering fence texture when it’s put underwater.

    • Clay generates instead of gravel.

    • It is possible to stack beetroot soup.

    • Can not use colors in chat.

    • Mobs stay aggressive after switching back to creative.

    • Enderman glitches.

    • The Invert Y-Axis option lacks functionality when using touch controls.

  • Minecraft snapshot 16w03a

    Here is a new snapshot. We made it. For you. So that you can see what we’ve been working on most recently and tell us what you think about it. Nothing in it is final, everything could change before Minecraft 1.9 is relased, but most things won’t.

    Some things that were broken in the previous snapshot (16w02a) are not fixed or changed back in this snapshot, because we had to focus on few very important bigger tasks to work on before we can go back working on smaller changes. This is nothing to worry about and perfectly normal so close to finishing a release, so don’t get upset if you see things that are still in the same state as last week. We’ll take care of them soon and definitely before we call Minecraft 1.9 done.

    Once again, thanks to everyone who is reporting bugs, testing the snapshots and sending us feedback on our changes. Without your constant feedback, we wouldn’t be able to focus on the important issues that need fixing before we can call Minecraft 1.9 done.

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  • Play BET ON COBALT! Honestly, it’s great

    The code-wizards at Oxeye Games Studio have outdone themselves. We present… BET ON COBALT.

    Team Strike is one of Cobalt’s most intricate modes. And it makes for a fantastic spectator sport, even when it’s played by bots. With that in mind we’ve set up a two week twitch stream where teams of bots battle each other to the death. TWO WEEKS of awesome.

    But what’s a sport without a little wager and real-life prizes? Pointless, that’s what.


    This is where things get really exciting. BET ON COBALT gives you the chance to bet Volts (which have no real money value) on the outcome of each match. you start with 1000 volts, and will earn even more just by watching the stream. It’s up to you whether you keep things simple and just vote on the winning team of each round, or go pro and spread-bet on specific happenings in the match, like Multi-kills or Aces.

    Betting is relatively simple. Before a round begins, bot_cobalt will state the odds. Enter your bet in the public chat, or whisper it to bot_cobalt in between each round. Once the round is over, winnings are paid out.

    You can check your funds at at time by typing “!v” into the chat.


    To bet on an individual team, type !bet into the chat followed by the team name, then the amount. For example, to bet 50 volts on blue winning the round, type “!bet blue 50”. You can also bet with the first letter of your chosen team. For example: “!bet b 50”.

    You can also bet a percentage of your current balance on the outcome. To bet 70% of your winnings on the blue team type “!bet blue 70%”.


    Achievements can help you get rich quick. The chances of them happening are slim, but the odds are massive. Risky but lucrative.

    You don’t need to pick a team for special events. If either team earns an achievement you’ll get the volts. There are four achievements.

    • MULTI - When a bot takes out two others in one shot. This normally happens with a well-placed grenade.
    • ACE - When one badass bot takes out the entire team.
    • WHOLE - When every bot of either survives the round.
    • COMBO - When one bot takes out two enemy bots in quick succession.

    For example, to bet 500 Volts on either team scoring a combo in the following round, type “!bet COMBO 500


    Yes, we did think of that, thank you very much. You can spend your volts on loads of cool things.


    After each match the shop generates seven flairs with limited stock. There are five kinds of flair you can purchase, but you can only have one of each kind. Each flair has a unique value.

    • *prefix adds a cool thing at the start of your name
    • *suffix adds a cool thing to the end of your name
    • *tint gives your name a cool colour
    • *smiley adds a smiley after your name
    • *jingle means that your specific jingle plays if you’re the top earner in an individual round

    To purchase a shop flair type in it’s offer number after ishop or !shop. For example, to purchase item 1, type “!shop 1” into the chat.


    You can name a bot for the entirety of one match. It costs 500 volts. For example, to name a bot BOPO, type “!name BOPO” into the chat.

    You can also make a random bot from each team say something during the match. For example, to make a bot say BOPO PWNS, type “!talk BOPO PWNS” into the chat.

    At the end of each match, users can vote on the next map. To vote on BOPOTOWN as the next map, type “!map BOPOTOWN”.


    Each round features a special event that will trigger if enough Volts are donated. Shrewd BET ON COBALT players will understand how special events could influence the chances of Achievements triggering. To donate 600 Volts, type “!fund 600” into the chat.


    Glad you asked. We’re giving REAL-LIFE prizes to the top winners on February 2nd at 12pm CET. That’s Cobalt’s release date, in case you didn’t know.


    The top five richest players will get a Cobalt game code on their platform of choice, and a signed cobalt postcard. The players in position 6-10 on the rich list will get a Cobalt game code for their platform of choice.


    The top five players with the most valuable flairs on release day will get a Cobalt game code on their platform of choice and a signed Cobalt postcard. Players in positions 6-10 on will get a Cobalt game code on their platform of choice.

    THE 100K CLUB

    Any player who reaches 100,000 Volts will be automatically become a member of the 100K club. All players will be entered into a raffle on release day and will have the chance of winning 1 of 100 Cobalt game codes or 1 of 15 signed Cobalt postcards.


    BET ON COBALT is for fun, free, and will probably break at some point. We refuse to be sued for anything to do with BET ON COBALT. Don’t be sad if you lose, but feel free to gloat if you win.

    Have fun!

    Owen - @bopogamel