Minecraft Snapshot 13w16a and New Launcher

Update (23rd): Released 'b' snapshot for crash fixes!

Hey hey!

It's time for us to release the first snapshot from the development of 1.6. This version of Minecraft comes with huge changes to the base technology of the game. For instance, starting from Minecraft 1.6, we will build the game for Java 6 instead of Java 5. We are also aiming to raise the required OpenGL version to 2.0 (from 1.2 / 1.3, that Minecraft 1.5 and prior versions are using). Additionally we are working on a new launcher that will support these libraries, and also come with a bunch of new features such as version changing, detailed game settings, and so on.

It will obviously take a few more weeks to get everything in place, so please let us hear your opinions on the new technology and launcher. Send tweets to either @Dinnerbone, @_grum, or @jeb_, or make a post on r/minecraftsuggestions.

This snapshot in bullet point form: