• Minecraft Realms is coming to Pocket and Win 10

    Hi everyone,

    We get lots of requests here at Mojang. And, though we don’t share your love of toilets and guns, we do agree that Minecraft Realms is a great thing that should be spread across the world, and to all editions of Minecraft.

    For that reason, I’m happy to announce that we’re working on Realms for Minecraft: Pocket Edition and the Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta.

    What is Minecraft Realms?

    Minecraft Realms is the easiest way to play Minecraft together with your friends and family. Realms worlds are always online and can only be accessed by an approved group of people. Though it’s nice to have some alone time, there’s something really special about creating and adventuring as a group. Realms makes that really easy to do.

    Can I play with people on other platforms?

    Yes! Minecraft Realms will support cross-platform play between the iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Windows 10 editions of Minecraft. We’re using Xbox Live logins to make that possible. If you don’t already have one, don’t worry, they’re quick to create and free! Minecrafters have been playing Minecraft via Xbox Live since we released Xbox 360 Edition back in 2012, and it supports multiple platforms, so it made sense for us to use it for Realms. Also: now that we’re part of Microsoft, we have easy access to the fancy back-end systems and Xbox Live technology, so it was kind-of a no-brainer.

    Will Realms cost money to use?

    Yes - we have to keep the servers running 24/7, so Minecraft Realms is a paid service. We’re not ready to share our pricing plan quite yet. You won’t need an Xbox Live Gold subscription to use the service.

    When can I get my hands on this thing?

    Though Minecraft Realms isn’t out officially for a little while, we’ve just launched a free alpha for Android devices. If you’d like to help us test out an early build, have an Android device, and a copy of Minecraft: Pocket Edition purchased from the Google Play store, opt in here. It’s worth pointing out that though you’ll need an Xbox Live account to partake in the Alpha, in the future, it’ll only be required for online play - you won’t need one for single player Pocket Edition.

    Have a great day!

    Owen - @bopogamel

  • Minecraft snapshot 16w15b

    Update: Snapshot 16w15b is now available

    While we have started working on it, there won’t be any snapshots for Minecraft 1.10 for at least another 2-3 weeks. This snapshot is for Minecraft 1.9.x and will eventually lead to a 1.9.3 pre-release.

    TL;DR: this snapshot is for 1.9.x and not for 1.10

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  • Minecraft snapshot 16w14a

    While we have started working on it, there won’t be any snapshots for Minecraft 1.10 for at least another 2-3 weeks. This snapshot is for Minecraft 1.9.x and will eventually lead to a 1.9.3 pre-release.

    TL;DR: this snapshot is for 1.9.x and not for 1.10

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  • Story Mode skins are here. Free-ish for the first week!

    To celebrate the dramatic conclusion of Story Mode’s first season, we’re releasing a skin pack so you can strut your stuff in the shape of Jesse, Olivia, Axel, Petra and many other characters from Telltale’s adventure series. There are 27 different skins in total and they’re all free for the first week on iOS, Xbox, Xbox One, Playstation (mostly) or Windows 10!

    Hatch dastardly plots as the beardy schemer Ivor, leave a trail of explosive destruction as the roguish Magnus, or get a gang together and see if you can survive the whirring cogs of Soren’s mob-grinder in this Story Mode-themed arena map. That’s free, too!

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  • Minecraft 1.RV - the Trendy Update Pre-release 1

    Woho! It’s already time for a pre-release of the next Minecraft version: 1.RV, The Trendy Update! This must have been the speediest update we’ve ever been able to push out, only a few days after 1.9.2.

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  • Minecraft 1.9.2

    Update: Minecraft 1.9.2 is now available and fixed the issue that some players could not connect to some servers or their realms.

    1.9.1 notes:

    Woooosh. That’s the sound of the elytra and the main feature of the 1.9.1 release of Minecraft. The second notable change is a new property (toughness) for armor that “makes diamond armor useful again”.

    Apart from these awesome additions, we also fixed some reported bugs and improved the performance and memory usage of servers a bit. Command blocks in custom maps should also behave much better now, especially with long sequences that are executed every tick.

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  • Story mode Episode 5 out today! Much rejoicing!

    The adventure didn’t end with the Wither Storm, you know. Jesse and his chums now find themselves on a new journey to Sky City - mysterious, beautiful and very, very keen on rules. (Well, except gravity.)

    And you can join Jesse and the gang in Story Mode Episode 5 right now!

    Check out the trailer above for a glimpse of the high drama that awaits or just hammer the download button on your platform of choice. Story Mode’s Season Pass is available on PC/Mac, Windows 10, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and handheld devices. Check the Apple Store for iOS editions, and Google Play or Amazon for the Android version.

    And don’t forget there are three new Story Mode episodes in the works, too! Good gosh. Check out Owen’s post for details on all the hot new Story Mode goodness coming your way.


    Marsh - @marshdavies

  • Story Mode Episode 5 incoming. Three more on the way

    You’ve recovered from the Wither Storm finale by now, right? Not that anything devastatingly significant happened or anything… let’s carry on with… the… post. ;(

    I’m happy to announce that Episode 5 of Minecraft: Story Mode, “Order Up”, will be available to download on PC/Mac, Windows 10, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and iOS and Android-based devices from March 29th!

    Jessie and buddies are off to a rather special land known as Sky City. It’s an awe-inspiring, intriguing place to say the least. But does that beauty come at a price? There are only two ways to find out…

    • Play Episode 5 (Recommended. Super fun.)
    • Watch someone else play Episode 5 on YouTube (Significantly less fun unless you’ve already played it in which case it could be kinda fun.)

    But that’s not all! Episode 5 won’t be the last you see of Jessie and the gang. We can now confirm that three extra episodes will arrive some time in 2016. They’re not part of the existing season pass, but will be available for purchase to anyone who’s downloaded at least one episode of the first season. We’re not going into detail about the content of those yet, but we can confirm that they’ll be great, and maybe come with a slightly different flavour to the previous season.

    Have a great evening, everyone!

    Owen - @bopogamel

  • Mega-huge Cobalt patch: new tutorial and more!

    If you hadn’t heard, Cobalt is a game about slow-motion robo-blasting, published by Mojang and released on Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Steam for PC. It was already awesome but those busy bees at Oxeye Game Studio have nonetheless launched a massive update to the PC version, adding a slick new tutorial, online Survival mode and all manner of wonderful tweaks, from fine-tuned jet-shoes to better brain-racing controls.

    Don’t take my word for it, though: watch the video below to see some of the cool things Oxeye have cooked up.

    Alternatively, why not have a poke at the demo we launched yesterday? It includes the new tutorial and all that fresh patch goodness.

    And there’s lots more - you can read the full patch notes here. There are so many, they had to be split into three posts!

    Perhaps now the game’s developers can finally sleep. Perhaps.


    Marsh - @marshdavies

  • Play Cobalt's demo! Find secret code! Win stuff!



    You know about Cobalt by now right? A game published by Mojang and released on Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Steam for PC? Here’s a trailer to remind you how awesome it is.

    Xbox users have had the trial version of Cobalt for some time, but now there’s a demo for PC Steam users too. It includes all arcade modes, the extended tutorial, and even online play. Download it!

    Even more excitingly, there’s a 13 character code hidden in the tutorial, and we’re giving a free copy of the game to the first players to find it. Email the secret code to Pontus (kinten@gmail.com) and if you’re one of the first 15 to get in contact, he’ll respond with some friendly life-lessons, advice on how to be a cool dude, and a copy of the full game.

    There is no catch! Find the code. Email Pontus!! Get game!

    Have a great day!

    Owen - @bopogamel