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by Daniel Kaplan on May 19, 2011

Sometimes we mess up things here at Mojang. Remember when I wrote about our new ticket support on zendesk? Well, we failed miserably to give you proper support. So this is a new attempt. Since 98% of all the tickets we get are about people forgetting their username (aka not premium any more, user doesn’t exist or “hacked”) we have made this automated for you now.

From Minecraft.net you can reach the new support by click the Help-tab and then on account support and see that we have put up a new automated support. This will help those 98% of all you having issues with your account. You will be able to request all the usernames registered on your email and you will get a list with information about your accounts. So from now on, please go through the support system since the emails you have sent to us before will all be reset and can be resolved by the  new system. Sending emails to the regular payment/support mail will give an automated reply and link to the support system. I do really hope this will work, if not, we will figure out something new to help you out.

New Payment Options

We have now added over 100 payment options through MoneyBookers and PayPal! Depending on what country you are in, you can now do bank transfers and some other neat stuff. I know you with Amex and you in Germany and Poland will not encounter so much trouble with paying now. Also, just like I have stated before, don’t purchase gift codes from other sites since we don’t give you any support and can’t guarantee that they work. We will test these payment options out and see how it works. If we think we need to put in more options we will :) We want to make sure you guys feel comfortable with what we have.

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