PAX Recap

by Lydia Winters on September 12, 2011

For those of you who were unable to attend PAX, we wanted to give you a quick overview of what went on there.This was the first time we have been exhibitors ourselves. When thinking about the design, we knew having a blocky feel would be perfect. Check it out. I am really proud of how the booth looked. Junkboy did an amazing job on the graphics and the creeper head on the sign was quite a hit!We were excited to show off Cobalt for the first time at PAX. Everyone loved it and had a wonderful time challenging Jens (Jeb) and Daniel (thewreck) to play.We were also demoing the 1.8 Adventure Update. Everyone was very excited to play, but none more so that lil’ Gabe (Gabe from Penny Arcade’s son). I had the best time showing him the update. This is a major update and we are extremely proud of it!

It was a blast doing the giveaways. People were chanting and excited the entire time. We gave away creeper heads, Cobalt tshirts, Scrolls (which included alpha codes) and happy socks. On the final day, we had a Griefer Party and gave away almost all the graphics on the booth. Oh not to mention, Notch’s hat! Of course, then we were in a constant state of being invaded by creepers all weekend… luckily for us they never blew up!

Notch was constantly being interviewed, so make sure to check YouTube for all the PAX coverage, if you missed any of it!

We want to say thanks to all of the fans who stopped by and supported us and our booth at PAX. A very special thanks to our amazing volunteers who made the whole event run as smoothly as possible. We couldn’t have done it without you all.

Here’s part of the Mojang team with the special additions of OxeEye Studios, Daniel (thewreck), Notch’s beautiful wife Elin and our fabulous trade show manager Vu. Thank you for making this our best event to date!

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