Mojam 2013 progress update!

by Owen on February 21, 2013

Mojam 2013 is in full flow! Games are being made! Streams are being watched. Money is getting donated! It’s the perfect time to give you an update on the team’s progress so far. Because you’re all being so nice, I also tracked down NOTCH’s BRAIN (responsible for Minecraft) to get its take on proceedings.

Stripey Zebra

Inspiration: Nuclear. French. Spaceship.
Poi Poi, Nathan, and Kris.

Here’s what Kris had to say about Stripey Zebra’s progress: “Our game is called Battle Toads, because you’re battling toads. You play as a French girl called Annabelle who wakes up on a French colonial spaceship. She later finds out the ship is being invaded by mutant space pirate frogs.

“It’s a side-scrolling platformer.

“We have very little experience with this type of game. The physics is probably the hardest part – getting the collision detection to work, all that stuff.”

NOTCH’S BRAIN: “Drawing inspiration from geniuses such as Lynch and Copperfield, the struggle of Annabelle mirrors that of the developers.”


Cyborg Hippos

Inspiration: Nuclear. Pizza. War.
Henrik, Johan, and Jens.

Here’s what Jens had to say: “It’s a shoot em up. You’re a space pizza defender flying across space on your giant nuclear pizza. It’s attacked by aliens who want your pizza. The challenge is in fending off the aliens without falling off yourself.

“Development has been pretty straightforward so far. Some of the normal trigonometry isn’t actually that hard, but the live stream can cause additional stress if you don’t think of the solution immediately. Now the challenge is to make the game fun. A shortcut to making things fun is to add sound effects, so we’re probably going to do that now.”

NOTCH’S BRAIN: “While the metaphor is a bit rushed, I believe there is a lesson to be learned here for everyone.”


Giraff Macka

Inspiration: Nuclear. Kittens. Endless.
Mattis, Erik, and Mans.

Finally, here’s insight into Giraff Macka’s game, direct from Mans: “It’s a chain reaction shooter with endless nuclear kittens. You play as a girl version of Mattis. We’re still working out where the kittens come from.

“We haven’t really got that far with it. We’re still working out which enemies and weapons you have. You’ll probably end up with loads of different things: homing guns, rapid-fire guns, nukes (obviously), maybe a shotgun.

“You need to get proper chain reactions going to get good power weapons. I have a theory that chain reactions automatically make any game more fun.”

NOTCH’S BRAIN: “Teetering on the edge of sublimely transcending genres and degenerating into total nonsense, this is my least favourite game.”


That’s it for now. Don’t forget to donate at www.humblebundle.com! Speak soon!

Owen – @bopogamel

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