Mojam is happening tomorrow! Help inspire us!

Surprise! Mojam is happening tomorrow! It’s kicking off at 6pm CET. This is a very special time of the year. Mojang will be split into teams, and each of those teams will create a game inspired by you. We’ll have until midnight on Saturday to complete the creations. You’ll get to play the (wonderful) things we make.

We’re also proud to announce the involvement of five other developers who’ve kindly agreed to donate their time and energy to the project. They’ll be making games too, and their builds will also be included in the final bundle! Exciting eh?

What does this mean for you?

  • You get to watch an exclusive Mojam livestream! It’ll include insight into the development of the games, as well as loads of entertaining challenges organised by Lydia.

  • You get the chance to donate cash towards two charities close to Mojang’s heart: Block by Block and the EFF.

  • Everyone who donates will get to play the final games we create, along with any builds we release during the ‘Jam.

  • Donate above the average contribution and you’ll get entry into exclusive raffles!

  • You get to decide the themes that will help inspire our games. To do that, just pick your two favourite ideas from the list of potentials below. Tomorrow we’ll randomly pick two of the ideas for each game, and use them as inspiration.

Owen - @bopogamel