Minecraft: Pocket Edition 0.9.0 coming July 10th!

by Daniel Kaplan on July 4, 2014

Sorry for keeping you waiting, but it’s finally time! We’re super excited and really eager to see what you’ll build on the go! Minecraft: Pocket Edition 0.9.0 will be out on Thursday the 10th of July. Make sure you refresh your mobile store!

0.9.0 is our biggest update EVER!

  • Infinite worlds!
  • Caves!
  • Loads of new blocks and items including Monster Eggs and huge mushroom blocks.
  • Wolves! Tame a loyal companion.
  • Loads of new flowers! So pretty.
  • New mobs, including the spooky endermen and less spooky Mooshrooms.
  • New biomes from the PC version, including mesas, jungles, swamps and extreme hills.
  • Abandoned mineshafts, villages, and many other cool places to explore.
  • A brand-new “interaction” button. Never accidentally punch a sheep again!
  • New feature generation, including lakes, vines and monster rooms.
  • Many bugs fixed, and possibly a few added.

Now it’s time to work on the next update. We promise it won’t take as long as this one!

Have a great weekend !

/Pocket Team  – @jbernhardsson, @_tomcc, @jeb_, @kappische

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