Minecraft: Pocket Edition 0.9.0 coming July 10th!

Sorry for keeping you waiting, but it’s finally time! We’re super excited and really eager to see what you’ll build on the go! Minecraft: Pocket Edition 0.9.0 will be out on Thursday the 10th of July. Make sure you refresh your mobile store!

0.9.0 is our biggest update EVER!

  • Infinite worlds!
  • Caves!
  • Loads of new blocks and items including Monster Eggs and huge mushroom blocks.
  • Wolves! Tame a loyal companion.
  • Loads of new flowers! So pretty.
  • New mobs, including the spooky endermen and less spooky Mooshrooms.
  • New biomes from the PC version, including mesas, jungles, swamps and extreme hills.
  • Abandoned mineshafts, villages, and many other cool places to explore.
  • A brand-new “interaction” button. Never accidentally punch a sheep again!
  • New feature generation, including lakes, vines and monster rooms.
  • Many bugs fixed, and possibly a few added.

Now it’s time to work on the next update. We promise it won’t take as long as this one!

Have a great weekend !

/Pocket Team - @jbernhardsson, @tomcc_, @jeb_, @kappische