Pocket Edition 0.9.3 submitted to Google Play


We just released a new Pocket Edition version to Google Play, 0.9.3!

  • fixed several crashes that prevented from playing in multiplayer
  • fixed a nasty bug that on death might hang the game and/or spawn you really up in the sky
  • on Android, you can get more than 3 levels of view distance again
  • the game now handles when a world is corrupted and not repairable showing an error screen
  • Creepers don’t spam weird sounds anymore
  • mobs won’t spawn anymore in peaceful, and existing ones will be removed
  • correctly despawning entities on clients
  • fixed soft shading on wool tiles
  • possibly fixed other lock-ups and crashes

We are going to wait and see how it works before submitting it to App store and Amazon store but we hope to do that tomorrow. Most of the issues should now be fixed but please report things if they break!

Jens – @jeb_, Johan – @jbernhardsson, and Tommasso – @_tomcc