Pocket Edition 0.9.5 submitted to every store

Hey everyone!

We just released MCPE 0.9.5, another bugfix version for 0.9. This time, it may or may not be the last, but we hope so!

We found and squashed many nasty bugs still hiding in the very fabric on the game, so 0.9 should be now quite stable. Here are the bugs we fixed:

update: on Android, we released another version of 0.9.5 (0.9.5b? 0.9.5 bis? whatever) which fixed a new crash and a few additional bugs. For iOS/Amazon users, this should change nothing!

  • (Android) fixed a really nasty bunch of problems caused by locking the device like freezing, crashing, corrupting the world and more
  • (Android) fixed a bad graphics corruption issue (missing chunks, corrupted chunks and animals) that happened when switching away from the game
  • fixed chunks not loading in multiplayer when the client device is slower than the server
  • fixed a crash when loading flat worlds after updating from 0.9.0/2
  • fixed a possible server crash when a player disconnects from a multiplayer world
  • fixed a possible crash or corruption when playing in multiplayer as a client
  • Fixed Bryce Mesa biome, now they actually spawn!
  • fixed fountains’ water in strongholds
  • fixed some small artifacts items held in hand (torches, etc) and clouds

And we made a few tweaks, too:

  • Players that have been placed at extreme heights by the respawn bugs are now placed back at y=130
  • (Android) the game doesn’t waste battery power and really stops rendering now when in the background
  • not getting stuck anymore in the “Looking for Server” screen if the server is full
  • animals are never despawned, again

We’ve just uploaded this version to every store, so it should be out on Google Play soon and on Apple, Amazon and Samsung stores soon-ish!

Jens – @jeb_, Johan – @jbernhardsson, and Tommaso – @_tomcc