Minecraft: Playstation 4 Edition now available woo!


Yeay! Minecraft for Playstation 4 is available to download from PSN! Here are some questions and answers to celebrate!

I’ve bought Minecraft for my Playstation 3 but now I want it on my Playstation 4. Help me!

  • If you’ve bought Playstation 3 Edition digitally, or played online with the the disc version, you can upgrade to Playstation 4 Edition for just $4.99. Log into the PSN store to upgrade.
  • You can import your existing Playstation 3 worlds to Playstation 4 Edition. To do that you’ll need to load up Playstation 3 Edition, upload your world to the Magical Minecraft Cloud Land (not the official name), then re-download it from inside Playstation 4 Edition.
  • All your existing Playstation 3 Edition DLC will work on Playstation 4 Edition.
  • You can’t play cross-platform between Playstation 3 and Playstation 4. Sad but true.

I’ve never played Minecraft on my Playstation 3. What Kreeper plox? Why are dig?

  • Minecraft for Playstation 4 will cost $19:99 from the PSN store.
  • It’s a friendly and fun game that’s very popular with cool people across the world.
  • It features sheep, other animals, blocks, and tools. You can build cool stuff. You can go on adventures with friends. It’s really pretty if you catch it at the right time. You probably know this by now, considering you’re on the Mojang blog.
  • Playstation 4 Edition features bigger worlds and an improved draw distance than the Playstation 3 version. If this doesn’t mean anything to you, don’t worry. Just load up Minecraft and have fun.

What about Vita Edition? I want to play on my Vita.

  • Minecraft: Playstation Vita Edition should be with us in a few weeks. As soon as we have a more accurate date we’ll let you know. Sorry for the delay. If you already own Minecraft: Playstation 3 Edition you get it for free.

What about the Xbox One Version? When it that out? I’m extremely angry about this.

  • Don’t be angry. Minecraft: Xbox One Edition will be out this Friday. Then you can play it until your fingers drop off. Sorry for the delay, but releasing a game for multiple consoles around the world during the same week is really hard.

That’s it for now! Enjoy Minecraft, and be nice to each other on the internet please.

Owen - @bopogamel and the Mojangers