Let's talk about password security


Have you been hacked? What’s going on, Moj?

No-one has gained access to the Mojang mainframe. Even if they did, we store your passwords in a super encrypted format. Honestly, you don’t need to panic.

So how did they get the info? You were hacked, weren’t you?

What can I learn from this?
You should never, ever, enter your Mojang account details on websites that aren’t owned by us. It’s good practice to use different passwords for each of your internet logins too. That way, if someone does get hold of one password, they won’t get access to your other stuff.

I’d still like to reset my Mojang password. Just to be safe
Fair enough. You sound like a sensible one. Here’s a link: minecraft.net/resetpassword. If you have any other support issues, help.mojang.com is your friend.

Thanks for reading.
Owen - @bopogamel