Realms map round-up

Hello again Minecrafters!

Whether you’re looking for a spawn area for a new survival map, an adventure to go on with your friends, or a quick mini-game, we’ve got you covered. With a few clicks, these new maps pop right into your Realm. Here’s what we’ve added recently:

CastleRise: Brothers’ Feud by Kanoc

In CastleRise, your goal is simple: each team has a castle, and while protecting your prince, you must attack the enemy’s. There’s a build phase where you can buy and place structures such as walls, siege factories, and moats. When the build phase is over, it’s time to attack! I’ve been playing this map non-stop recently, and it’s quickly become one of my favorite mini-games.

Skylight by Springstof

Skylight is a fun survival spawn that starts you and your friends in the middle of a dig site, just below the surface. The map provides the basics - you just have to get the mining operation going!

The Dropper by Bigre

Of all of the maps released in Minecraft so far, few can claim to be as recognized or as downloaded as The Dropper. The premise is simple: jump from a great height, fall to the bottom, and avoid hitting things on your way down. The original gameplay is preserved here; minor updates have been made so that you can play it on your Realm.

SunBurn Reforged by Wire Segal and TheDestruc7i0n

SunBurn is a minigame that’s easy to hop into and play a few quick rounds. Gather your friends, punch some blaze powerups, and run around the play area, taking care to not stay in one spot too long. If you stop moving, the ground beneath you will turn darker until it finally disappears. The last one standing wins!

Monster’s Portal by Matdog and Vilder50

I don’t often see tower defense games submitted to Realms, so I jumped at the chance to play this game. Monsters attack your portal in waves throughout eight levels. To stop them, you’ll have to place combat items that attack the monsters as they stroll by. Find all of the maps’ secrets to unlock the bonus level!

UHC Blox by gerrybrano

UHC stands for Ultra Hardcore, and it’s a team or free-for-all battle. You have to craft, survive, and you don’t regenerate health! The map comes with three large play areas and tons of customization such as teams, which items you can use, or how long until the level starts shrinking.

Lucid Nightmare by Farenheit

Occasionally, we’ll add single-player content that we think is exceptionally good. As a Realms owner, if none of your friends are online, it’s easy to swap to another world slot, then switch back to your original world later.

This dark, single-player adventure map has an eerie feel and unique game mechanics that’ll leave you longing for a torch. Explore the game world while awake and asleep for two totally different experiences.

The Heist by Cubehamster, Wubbi, and Samasaurus6

One of the most polished and impressive Minecraft maps to date, The Heist is a single-player stealth adventure that plays like a standalone game. A custom resource pack adds voiced narrative, language support, robots, nifty gadgets and more!

But, I don’t have a Realm!

If you don’t have a Realm, you can either get one from the Realms website or download the original map from the creator’s site. If you have a favorite map that you’d like to see featured on Realms, drop me a line on Twitter or visit the Realms community on Reddit and send us the details.

Have fun!

Marc - @Marc_IRL