Realms price drop! Free trials!


It seems the holiday spirit has gotten the best of us. We’re reducing the price of Minecraft Realms, and offering free 30-day trials to anyone who hasn’t previously owned a Realm.

I don’t know what Realms is! I am confused

Realms is a safe, simple way to enjoy an online Minecraft world with friends. Realms worlds are always available and only open to people you invite, so you don’t need to worry about mean people blowing up your creations or stealing your resources. Only the host of the world needs to pay, and up to ten players can hang out on a Realm at any one time.

Realms supports loads of exciting mini-games and custom spawns, and the owner of the Realm can switch between them at will. Though we’re excited to bring Minecraft Realms to other editions of Minecraft, it’s currently only available on the PC Java Edition.

You mentioned a trial? A FREE trial?

Anyone who hasn’t previously owned a Realm can now sign up for a 30 day trial via the Realms menu in your client. We don’t even force you to enter your credit card details because we’re nice like that.

Tell me about the lower prices!

I can do that!

A 30 day subscription to Minecraft Realms used to cost £8/€10/$13. Now it’s a mere £6.99/€8.99/$9.99.

90 days of mini-games, cool spawns, and procedurally generated worlds used to cost £21/€26/$35. Now it’ll set you back £18.99/€23.99/$26.99.

180 days of online fun via our 100%-official-online-world-solution-for-dedicated-fans, Minecraft Realms, used to cost £38/€46/$62. Now it’s just £33.99/€42.99/$47.99

You can also pay for Realms on a reccuring subscription that gets conveniently removed from your bank account per month. Pay for Realms this way and you’ll end up paying the same per month as if you bought a six month bundle. On a recurring subscription, Realms now costs £5.59/€7.19/$7.99 per 30 days.

But I just subscribed at the higher price?! Compensate me!

OK! Considering the idea for a price reduction came to us in a moment of kind inspiration, we’re compensating anyone who’s purchased or topped up their Realms subscription in the past 45 days.

If you bought 30 days of Realms since November, you get a bonus 15 days. Anyone who’s bought 90 days gets an additional 45 days free. And if you invested in 180 days of Minecraft Realms you get a whopping 90 days free-of-charge.

All Realms pre-paid cards will now give you an extra 10 days of subscription.

What a clear, well-written post! I have no more questions!

Great! Thanks! In that case, I will bid you farewell and continue on my merry way.

Owen - @bopogamel