Cobalt update: languages, controls, and map challenge!

Hello blue faces!

As you probably know, we’re working with the fine gentlemen at Oxeye Game Studio on Cobalt. They’re a super small sweet team of 2.2 people (it’s Daniel, Pontus and our Jens) and they’ve been listening to you guys and updated the game accordingly. Thanks to your feedback the game is still very much evolving! If there’s something you’d like to say to the devs they’re on twitter (linked above), Steam Community and at

What’s new in Cobalt?

First thing first, a nasty bug affecting online play on the Xbox One has been found and fixed. A patch will be rolled out very soon, and it includes a whole bunch of other improvements as well. You can see all Steam update news here: In the list you’ll see A LOT OF THINGS being tweaked and fixed. For instance, you can now play the game in Spanish, German, Italian or even French! You can also use various branded gamepads and if you’re not used to the old school arrow key movement, you can also map your keys to WASD + mouse keys.

Another frequently requested feature was the ability to chat in online play. That has been added as well :)

The map-making challenge - get a cape!

What? A cape?! That’s right! In Cobalt on Steam, the game is bundled with a map editor where you can create your own levels and adventures. The community members (hello Isogash and Janeator!) have created some awesome guides on how to use it. The reason why I’m writing about the map editor and challenge is because if you’re chosen among the winners you’ll can get a Minecraft Cape! We think that’s pretty awesome and we really look forward to all the creative things you will be doing. To read about the challenge details, please go here.

Cobalt is available on Steam and Xbox One! It costs $19.99 (or local equivalent).

Thanks for reading

Kappe - @kappische