Mega-huge Cobalt patch: new tutorial and more!

If you hadn’t heard, Cobalt is a game about slow-motion robo-blasting, published by Mojang and released on Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Steam for PC. It was already awesome but those busy bees at Oxeye Game Studio have nonetheless launched a massive update to the PC version, adding a slick new tutorial, online Survival mode and all manner of wonderful tweaks, from fine-tuned jet-shoes to better brain-racing controls.

Don’t take my word for it, though: watch the video below to see some of the cool things Oxeye have cooked up.

Alternatively, why not have a poke at the demo we launched yesterday? It includes the new tutorial and all that fresh patch goodness.

And there’s lots more - you can read the full patch notes here. There are so many, they had to be split into three posts!

Perhaps now the game’s developers can finally sleep. Perhaps.


Marsh - @marshdavies