Biome Settlers Pack 2 now available for download

Are you the kind of adventurer who happily weathers the Nether? Or have you made room for yourself among the ‘shrooms? You’re in luck! We have 24 new skins that might suit you rather well, just for Pocket and Win 10 players.

This is the second Biome Settlers pack we’ve released - the first featured skins themed around the Forest, Tundra, and Desert biomes, and all the activities players get up to there. This time we wanted to make skins for the hardy (and rather peculiar) folk who’ve made the Nether their home, cultivating Nether wart crops or collecting Ghast tears, and those who forage for fungal treats in the Mushroom Island biome. Some are brewers, others are explorers, engineers, brawlers and archers. A few may have been so affected by their environment that they are now more mushroom than man.

There’s a skin for everyone. And, as always, you can try a couple of the skins for free. Head over to the Skins menu in-game to check them out!


Marsh - @marshdavies