It's your last chance to get the Android Realms alpha

Have you heard? We’re working on bringing Realms to Pocket Edition and Windows 10! If you missed that news, you may also have missed that we’ve been running a free alpha to test how Realms works on Android.

Well over 700,000 of you signed up to help us kick its tyres since we launched last month. To those people: thank you so much! It’s been incredible to see the enthusiasm and support you’ve shown for the game. You guys are rad.

To the people who haven’t yet tried the alpha: it’s okay, we think you’re pretty rad too. But if you want to be even radder, you have until tomorrow to sign up. Then you’ll have the entire weekend to muck around and make awesome stuff before we shut down the alpha on Monday.

Get crackin’!


Marsh - @marshdavies