Double DLC coming to consoles today!


I’m happy to announce that two pieces of DLC are landing on all console editions of Minecraft today! Grasp your digital wallet and prepare for purchase!

First up, there’s Battle Map Pack 2. This competitive bundle includes three maps created exclusively for the Battle mini-game - Atlantis, Ruin and Siege. The pack costs $2.99 USD or equivalent, and comes with guaranteed good times. You can see some hot Battle action taking place in the screenshot below.

In case you didn’t get the memo, Battle came to console versions a few months ago - it’s a free mini-game that tasks you with taking down friends and enemies in ferocious combat. You can play online or locally in split-screen with up to three victims.

We’re also adding the Redstone Specialists skin pack to all console editions. Pocket/Windows 10 players might already be familiar with these hot looks. If you’ve been yearning for way to express your love of Redstone or just like the quirky styling of these technical wizards, pick up the pack for $2.99 USD or equivalent. As always, everyone gets a few of these skins for free.

Thanks for playing Minecraft, everyone! Have fun with our new DLCs. Be friendly to your fellow players (unless you’re playing Battle).

Owen - @bopogamel