Evil Live! Watch our devs stream their inner villains!

UPDATE: We are good to go! Wait, I mean: we are EVIL to go! Watch the embed below and/or download the Villains map for yourself here.

After the launch of the devious, the devilish, the downright dastardly Villains Skin Pack a week and a bit ago, our devs were inspired to build a special map in which those aspiring scoundrels could demonstrate just how demented they are. And tomorrow at 4.30pm CEST, we’ll be live-streaming a playthrough by our most murderous Mojangstas!

Watch the embed below!

The idea behind the map is that you and several so-called friends cooperate to complete a series of puzzles and challenges. This may not sound villainous, but here’s the twist: there can be only one survivor! Though you must collaborate early on, keep a beady eye on your companions. Those traitorous wretches are almost certainly scheming to betray you at the first opportunity and claim the crown for themselves. You can’t let those backstabbing baboons get away with that, surely? You’d better find your own way of thinning out the competition. It’s practically self-defence!

See you tomorrow!


Marsh - @marshdavies