Mojang proud to stride at Pride

Last Saturday, Mojang was delighted to take part in Stockholm’s annual Pride parade - an amazing trundling carnival that this year braved both the burning sun and torrential rain to raise awareness for LGBT+ issues and promote free gender expression, love and equality. It was very cool and we were honoured to be a part of it.

The Mojang crew, along with some 300 square balloons, took our place between Hard Rock Against Racism and a formidable force of badass roller derby warriors. Somewhere behind us were Vikings for Equality and a flat bed truck containing maybe 80% of the world’s total mass of beards. In the distant beyond was another vehicle carrying seemingly tireless, spandex-clad dancers, who managed to throw shapes for the entire duration. Heroic stuff.

The whole journey lasted about five hours from our initial set-up and was great fun throughout - not even a freakishly heavy downpour dampened spirits (although our choice of carrying a large number of foil balloons in a lightning storm was momentarily worrying).

Thanks to everyone who waved, whistled, hooted and hollered at us along the way. We enthusiastically support gender equality here at Mojang, no matter how you define it. It shouldn’t even be controversial to want people to be happy in themselves, regardless of race, gender or sexuality. We’re privileged to have been able to express that, while having so much fun at the same time.

Love and peace, folks.


Marsh - @marshdavies

p.s. Thanks to Lydia for the top photo and Josefina for the shot of us getting drenched!