Realms Map Round-Up: Pandas, Puzzles and Egyptian Elytra

Brave Adventurers!

This week, we have FOUR new maps for you. They’ll let you soar across ancient ruins, saddle up sturdy panda steeds, clamber through the jungle canopy and ponder brain-bending puzzles. Mildly interested? We can work with that.

Our first addition is a great Capture the Flag game where you use elytra wings to fly into your enemy’s base. Let’s get into it!

Valley of the Kings by The Broken Buttons

The Archaeologists have dug to deep and too greedily, awaking a force of Ancient Egyptians from their supernatural slumber! Now these eternal enemies do battle, seeking to steal each other’s flags. You know, for reasons. Join one of the two teams, and make your way across this gorgeous Egyptian-themed canyon to nab your enemy’s flag. Try to sneak past foes on foot, or grab the elytra on the upper path and swoop right down into the enemy stronghold. But it won’t give up its prizes so easily! Each base is defended not only by other players, but by a cohort of AI skeletons. To win, you’ll need to yoink the flag from their bony grasp and return it to your own base. But be aware that a single fully-charged shot will drop you instantly - so shield skills are a must!

Canopy Dream by Theticman30 and ChildOfStars

Climb through the trees, peek around every corner in the mines, and get a headstart building your base-camp with this Jungle biome survival spawn!

Gray by MinecraftRedstoning

This 2D puzzle map challenges you to switch all the lights on before you leave. Easy? Definitely not. Every time you move, the tiles switch their state, flipping previously activated lights off. You’ll have to put your thinking cap on and plan your path carefully to ensure you leave each level fully illuminated!

Sad Panda Adventures by Mithey

These are some very, very sad pandas. Don’t worry. You can help! Travel with your panda mount and keep an eye out for anything you can shoot with your bow. Unlock new pandas, weapon upgrades and other epic treasure!

Adventurers, we have to wrap up this post quickly so I can grab a couple of my friends and finish unlocking all the very, very sad pandas!

Watch the Weekly Realms Livestream

Community map maker, slicedlime and I will be playing these maps on Minecraft’s official Twitch channel today at 1:00 PM EST! Set your alarms!

If you can’t join us, that’s all right. All of these maps are now available on Realms!

See you there,

Moesh - (@lemoesh)