• Minecraft 1.5 is Published!


    The Redstone Update is finally out! Get it via the launcher. The changelog was posted in the previous post, so here you have a couple of videos of it instead:

    First, the Minecraft 1.5 Song by YourMCAdmin

    If that’s a bit too short for you, this one by nativisions is a little bit more in depth (5:38)

    And if you want an even longer, here’s one by icecreamstatus (15:06),

    We got these YouTube links by the help of the Minecraft Reddit Community, you can see the whole thread here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Minecraft/comments/19ujql/video_summaries_of_15/

    Have fun!

    // The Minecraft and Minecraft Realms teams

    PS. We know the readers of this blog are a little bit more hardcore about Minecraft than most, so we should tell you that a 1.5.1 already is on its way. We plan to snapshot this tomorrow, and hopefully get it out as soon as possible.

  • Minecraft Redstone Update Pre-release

    It’s finally time to release the Minecraft Redstone Update pre-release!

    The change log is as follows…

    • Added Redstone Comparator (used in Redstone logic)
    • Added Hopper (collects items and moves them to containers)
    • Added Dropper (similar to Dispensers, but always drops the item)
    • Added Activator Rail (activates TNT Minecarts)
    • Added Daylight Sensor
    • Added Trapped Chest
    • Added Weighed Pressure Plate
    • Added Block of Redstone
    • Added Nether Brick (item)
    • Added Nether Quartz and ore
    • Added Block of Quartz, with half blocks and chiseled variants
    • New command: /scoreboard
    • New command: /effect
    • Containers and mobs can have custom names
    • Inventory management has been changed, for example you can drag-place items over slots
    • Texture packs now have separate images for each block and item, and can have animations
    • Nether Quartz Ore now spawns in the Nether
    • Smooth lighting now has three settings (none, minimal, maximum)
    • More detailed death messages
    • Some hostile mobs now are harder in Hard difficulty
    • Many, many, bug fixes
    • Removed Herobrine

    This update will be officially released next week on

    Wednesday, March 13

    Get the pre-release here:

    // The Minecraft and Minecraft Realms teams

  • Minecraft Snapshot 13w10b

    Ok! Final snapshot! Honest! Tomorrow: Pre-release!


    The things changed in this snapshot are:

    • Notable change: Dispensers and droppers will now only fire once when they receive a redstone signal. To fire again, the signal must be turned off and on again. (Previously a dispenser would fire whenever it had a signal and a nearby block changed.)
    • [MC-711] Redstone and components stay powered after unloading chunks
    • [MC-846] Dispenser and Dropper shooting out when updated
    • [MC-3458] Server crashes if spaces are input on the console
    • [MC-6223] Night Vision Potions that are edited to last longer create a potentially seizure-inducing flashing sky background.
    • [MC-8022] Furnace interface occasionally closes when adding fuel, deleting all items in the furnace
    • [MC-8597] Named Mobs Don’t have Named Babies
    • [MC-10357] Getting into a minecart with a mob in it crashes minecraft
    • [MC-10946] 2 Hoppers funneling unstackable items into a 3rd Hopper at the same time cause the 3rd Hopper to not funnel items into a container
    • [MC-10948] Dispensers continually shoot/use certain items like water buckets and flint&steel
    • [MC-10950] Comparators still giving off power when hopper inventory is empty
    • [MC-10956] Animals can breed over distances up to almost 8 blocks when only seperated by fences
    • [MC-10995] Message “THIS TOO” in console
    • [MC-11019] Full hoppers feeding into full hoppers causes the forward hopper to stall
    • [MC-11044] Adding items to brewing stand using dropper does not change state of comparator

    Get the snapshot here:

    Report bugs here (but please use the search function before you post duplicates!):

    // The Minecraft and Minecraft Realms teams


    Unless you manage to find new crash or item duplication bugs…

  • Minecraft Snapshot 13w10a

    This snapshot spam will end soon, because we’re getting REALLY close now. We hope a pre-release will be out this week, but since we’ve had to bughunt for so long we need to push the official release until next week.

    The things changed in this snapshot are:

    • [MC-122] Unicode font text shadow misaligned
    • [MC-3114] Activated detector-rails moved by a piston keep their activated state
    • [MC-3409] Single player mode, creative mode, E to select block, select block from grid, E to return to game, game freezess, crash log created
    • [MC-7254] Furnace Tile Entities reproducing - Internal performance bug
    • [MC-8022] Furnace interface occasionally closes when adding fuel, deleting all items in the furnace
    • [MC-8184] Redstone block and torches don’t power dispensers, droppers, TNT and Noteblocks
    • [MC-8826] Adding an item to a hopper with a dropper does not change comparator state.
    • [MC-9460] Piston retracting disapears if pushed out by another piston
    • [MC-9534] Issues with Baby Cows’ hitboxes
    • [MC-10543] Last Direct Multiplayerconnection does not get saved
    • [MC-10670] Hard Crash
    • [MC-10679] Hopper Cool-Down is messed up
    • [MC-10778] Slowness 127 and Speed 110 together flip view
    • [MC-10825] Using /clear on more than 1 player will stop clearing inventories once an empty inventory is encountered
    • [MC-10826] /me cannot use @p correctly
    • [MC-10889] updated redstone bug (detectorrail)
    • [MC-10900] “/scoreboard teams empty teamName” error message says “%s” instead of the team’s name

    Get the snapshot here:

    Report bugs here (but please use the search function before you post duplicates!):

    // The Minecraft and Minecraft Realms teams

  • Minecraft Snapshot 13w09c

    We’re still fixing bugs… The pre-release has been postponed until we don’t discover any new crash bugs and/or redstone bugs.

    The things changed in this snapshot are:

    • [MC-16] TP Bug when you sit in Minecart/Boat/Riding pig
    • [MC-32] Minecart going in a circle will make any minecart close to them go super fast.
    • [MC-49] Sounds: Fire extinguish sound does not work in survival
    • [MC-711] Redstone and components stay powered after unloading chunks
    • [MC-1752] Breaking Doors moves the other part of the door sometimes
    • [MC-5588] Swords do not lose durability when used on the Ender Dragon
    • [MC-6551] Creative Menu potion values are not the same as when brewed (issue redo)
    • [MC-7058] Brewing stand comparator output inconsistent
    • [MC-7098] Non-standard resolutions (and small standard resolutions) not detected properly
    • [MC-7196] Nether cave/tunnel generator produces incorrect/cut tunnels
    • [MC-7208] Missing quartz, hopper, and comparator textures
    • [MC-7249] Quartz slabs and double slabs using wrong texture
    • [MC-7520] Inconsistent distribution system (based on hopper, hopper bug) using rails and minecart-chest over hoppers
    • [MC-8328] Powered mechanisms react when receiving a 0 tick redstone signal
    • [MC-8784] Comparator use off state texture / do not emit any light when powered
    • [MC-9181] Minecarts with Hoppers duplicating items when multiple carts are in the same space
    • [MC-9289] Hitting mobs with a sharpness I wooden sword and weakness III crashes the game
    • [MC-9341] Powering 2 pistons extends the wrong piston!
    • [MC-9357] Mobs with the old AI have inverted head movement
    • [MC-9363] Rows of Vertical Down Piston Extenders have a >50% failure rate
    • [MC-10312] Minecraft crashes when a saddled pig you ride dies or when changing between rideable entities
    • [MC-10355] Animations for items and blocks do not work properly
    • [MC-10415] Unable to craft with blocks which have a damage value greater than 0
    • [MC-10501] Invisible entities infinite spawn loop (client side) using minecart spawners causing severe performance issues.
    • [MC-10503] Crash when near crops
    • [MC-10510] View Upside Down with Speed 5 and FOV Quake Pro
    • [MC-10532] Minecraft has stopped running because it encountered a problem; Ticking player
    • [MC-10533] Same redstone line, two different redstone level
    • [MC-10558] Internal error when using /effect with an id >31

    Get the snapshot here:

    Report bugs here (but please use the search function before you post duplicates!):

    // The Minecraft and Minecraft Realms teams

  • Raised more than $500,000 = beard is shaved!

    As you may remember last week, we said that if we manage to raise $500,000 for the Humble Bundle Mojam, Notch would shave his beard.

    Well, yesterday we managed to raise more than this and here you go. Enjoy :)

  • Minecraft Snapshot 13w09b

    Here’s a new snapshot with a whole bunch of bug fixes. We still aim to do a pre-release tomorrow, or possibly on Friday.

    The things changed in this snapshot are:

    • [MC-1352] crowdin.net: Entry entity.WitherBoss.name is missing - German translation is “Withern”
    • [MC-1361] Self-Powered Redstone Lamp / Breaking a repeater with a piston pointing at a block won’t stop the circuit
    • [MC-1680] Potatoes are not affected by the Fortune enchantment
    • [MC-5413] Items with NBT data do not stack correctly due to serialization
    • [MC-5929] Cannot Drop Items in Creative Mode
    • [MC-6822] texturepacks no longer work
    • [MC-6903] Rail Duplication glitch
    • [MC-7147] World crashes after a few seconds
    • [MC-8802] blocks keep the redstone state when breaking a comparator that powers that block
    • [MC-8932] Pistons can’t destroy comparators
    • [MC-9382] Crash with 512x texture pack
    • [MC-9576] Fortune doesn’t affect the drop rate of apples and saplings
    • [MC-9813] “Pick Block” on certain items then switching to survival creates infinite or ghost items
    • [MC-9817] When removing “Ghost Items” from the inventory, the number may be negative or zero
    • [MC-10112] /clear with command blocks not working with armor that has been worn with custom damage values.
    • [MC-10312] Minecraft crashes when a saddled pig you ride dies or when changing between rideable entities
    • [MC-10329] Pressing Single or Multiplayer Button crashes the game
    • [MC-10330] Mining Fatigue broken
    • Added an /effect command

    Get the snapshot here:

    Report bugs here:

    // The Minecraft and Minecraft Realms teams

  • Minecraft Snapshot 13w09a

    This snapshot is a bit late, due to us doing games for charity (to which you still can donate and get to play the games), but you know what they say about the longer you wait… Anyway, we’re still in bug-fixing mode, but getting really close to a Minecraft Redstone Update release now! We intend to get a pre-release out by Thursday, and an official release out next week.

    The things changed in this snapshot are:

    • Mobs can now ride stuff that rides other stuff
    • Players riding stuff will keep it when logging off (ie, if you’re on a minecart and log off, you will take that minecart with you)
    • Animated blocks and items in texture packs now requires the animation definition (previously it was optional)
    • Language files have been updated
    • [MC-2555] Cannot Connect To Own Server While Not Online (LAN) / Playername beeing E-Mail address when offline
    • [MC-6077] Comparators causes block updates while idle
    • [MC-7167] Hopper’s name doesn’t change in its GUI after renamed in anvil
    • [MC-9391] Command Block Arguments Length
    • [MC-9473] Unnecessary delay of “Done” button in the texturepacks menu
    • [MC-9687] Hopper don’t update comparator when receiving item stack
    • [MC-9788] Mob Spawners failing to “Saving entity NBT”
    • [MC-9935] EntityAIAvoidEntity Interference
    • [MC-10033] Scoreboard accepts arguments for @p but if not found it will use a wrong name

    Get the snapshot here:

    Report bugs here:

    // The Minecraft and Minecraft Realms teams

  • Mojam is over! Donate, download, and play!

    Mojam has officially come to an end! That means everyone who’s donated gets to play the games we’ve created over the past four days.

    Haven’t donated yet? Don’t fret. The kind folks at Humble Bundle have agreed to keep the Mojam Humble Bundle page up for a little while longer, so it’s not too late to give money to an honourable cause, and get a bundle of great games to play in the process. They will all be available to download in the near future.

    Let’s have a quick runthrough of the titles. First, the three four games from Mojang:

    Nuclear Pizza War, from Henrik, Johan, and Jens, aka Cyborg Hippos.

    Endless Nuclear Kittens from Mattis, Erik, and Mans, aka Giraffmacka.

    Battle Frogs from Poi Poi, Nathan, and Kris, aka Striped Zebras.

    Nuke the Dinosaurs Blueprint Prototype. This surprise title is still getting worked on by Junkboy, Aron, Jon, and Steven (he’s from Surasshu Sound), but they’ve decided to release the blueprint prototype early.

    TEKTONIC from Grapefrukt

    Space Hunk from Ludosity

    3918 from Oxeye Game Studio

    Wasteland Kings from Vlambeer

    Low-light from Wolfire Games

    Have fun! To reiterate, it’s not too late to enjoy this potpourris of gaming excellence! Just hit up humble bundle, donate, and play!

    Owen - @bopogamel

  • $500,000 = Notch - Beard

    The Mojam is in full swing.

    If we raise $500,000, this will happen on the stream:


    Head over to Humble Bundle and donate to get the THREE new Mojang Mojam games and a bunch of other games from amazing indie studios. Your money goes directly to two wonderful charities, Block by Block and EFF. We have 28 hours to go. Let’s raise as much money as possible.

    Mojam 2013!

    Lydia - @LydiaWinters